Champion Chamois Voted #1 Best Chamois!

We’re pleased to announce that our Champion Chamois have been independently voted #1 best chamois by the established automotive blog, CarAudioNow. When stacked up against some of the common competitors on the market, Champion Chamois outperformed them all!

In their list of best chamois, they detail several criterion that they consider while assembling their list of chamois, including:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Softness
  • Washability
  • Green factors
  • +more

They outline the pros and cons of the many types of chamois on the market, and why they considered Champion Chamois the best. CarAudioNow founder and owner commented:

We felt that Champion Chamois had the softest, highest performing and durable material during our testing…

At Champion Chamois, we’re striving to provide high quality and high performing products. We only use high-grade material and are constantly testing and improving our products.

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