Drying your car has never been easier

Champion Chamois are the ultimate drying towel for car enthusiasts who love to keep their vehicles looking like new. Dry your car’s surface quickly and efficiently without leaving swirls, streaks or lint with Champion Chamois ultra absorbent, soft car shammy

Enhance Your Vehicle Cleaning Routine

Champion Chamois are perfect for removing streaks and water spots. Our shammy towels are an essential addition to any car cleaning routine!

Excellent Absorbency

Ultra absorbency to effectively soak up water and prevent streaks or water spots from forming on your vehicle’s surface.

Scratch Free

Made from a soft, high quality material that won’t scratch or damage your car’s paint or other surfaces.

Lint Free

Our Chamois are lint-free to avoid leaving any unwanted fibers or debris on the car’s surface after drying.

Crafted with Vehicle Lovers in Mind

We tailored our Champion Shammy Towels to meet the needs of car and boat lovers who want to keep their vehicles looking the best. They’re versatile, soft and perfect for use on both the exterior and interior of your vehicle

What Our Customers Say

We bought one and bought another. We wash our cars by hand on a regular basis and these babies get the job done. Easy Peary. Attracts water like a magnet.

Amazon Buyer

This is the first synthetic Chamois I have tried and it works even better than a genuine leather one which I bought at the same time. It picks up more moisture, rings out more water more easily, and is easier to wash afterwards.

Amazon Buyer

Great product! Very absorbent and a great replacement for my old, original leather shammy that I had for over 10 years.

Amazon Buyer

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