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Champion Chamois UltraAbsorb+ Shammy Towel – Blue (2-Pack)

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Shammy Details:

  • ✅ ULTRA ABSORBENCY – Champion Chamois UltraAbsorb+ cloths are perfect for car care, cleaning spills or drying wet surfaces. They quickly and easily absorb and hold enormous amounts of water, leaving the surface of your car streak-free and spotless.
  • ✅ HIGH QUALITY CLEANING CLOTH – Made from premium synthetic PVA material, our drying towels for cars, trucks and RVs are soft but tough. The scratch-free chamois won’t damage the finish of your car either. They ring out easily, store well and last. And to top it off, our chamois are designed to be lint-free, keeping annoying specs of lint off your windows and surface for a sparkling shine. To keep them acting like new, simply ring them thoroughly after use and store in the included storage tube.
  • ✅ PERFECT SIZED DRYING TOWEL (26″ x 17″): Our car shamies were ideally sized for washing and drying your car’s surface. Not too big, not too small. They’re easily folded if you want them to fit the size of your palm, but big enough to cover large surfaces quickly too.
  • ✅ MULTI-PURPOSE CAR TOWEL – Our car shammy cloths aren’t just limited to cars, boats and trucks either. They’re perfect for soaking up liquid in your home or office too. Whether you’re doing indoor or outdoor cleaning, this will tackle the toughest grease, dust, and spills!
  • ✅ REUSABLE DESIGN – Our chamois material is incredibly resilient, durable and designed to last for years. They’re easy to use, rinse and stow away for the next time you wash your car. For the best results, simply rinse your car chamois drying towel with water to remove any dirt and grime build up and store it lightly damp in the included storage plastic tube.

Product Description

A+ Content - Streak Free Blue

Unlike traditional microfiber towels, Champion Chamois shammy towel for car features a highly absorptive PVA shamee for fast and effortless drying over large surface areas without streaks or smears. And the best part about car shammys – when they get wet, you can wring them out and start fresh!

A+ Content - Lint Free Blue

Our high-quality, lint-free shammy drying towels effortlessly collect liquid while ensuring a scratch-free & fiber-free finish on your car, truck or boat surface. These UltraAbsorb+ shammies towels are the top-rated choice for car wash supplies in the market by professional reviewers and consumers alike.

A+ Content - Super Absorbent

Our UltraAbsorb+ shamies for cars are made with the highest grade PVA material with a thick, mesh layer design that offers incredible absorbency. They’re super-soft and can absorb up to 12 times its weight in liquid making it the ultimate drying towel for cars, boats and all of your outdoor vehicles.


At Champion Chamois, we prioritize quality above all. That’s why our Ultra Absorbent Shammies are crafted to be the ideal car wash towels for all your automotive needs. Just look at our reviews for proof! Utilizing advanced industry technology, our Champion Chamois PVA chamois boast our premier signature blend. With a rich history in highly regarded and rated products, our products’ excellence and superior performance have earned global professional acclaim. The Champion Chamois Ultra Absorbent Shammy stands as the pinnacle in car chamois cloths.


Champion Chamois’ Ultra Absorbent Shammy is the perfect PVA chamois choice for all car lovers. Each chamois drying towel comes with an included, reusable storage tube making it great for storage. The looped lid makes it easy to hang in any location as well! Our Ultra Absorbent Sham’s oversized 26″ x 17″ towel is also perfect for cleaning both small and large vehicles alike. Use it for your your car’s exterior, interior, windows and more. Our products also make great gifts so be sure to share our products with your friends and family!


A+ Content Uses

The Champion Chamois UltraAbsorb+ Shammy is made with high-grade PVA Material. To get best possible performance, be sure to follow the special care instructions for longevity and maximum performance:

  • PVA shammys like the UltraAbsorb+ will harden when dry. Run under water until soft and then wring out before use.
  • Always clean the shamy before and after each use in order to prevent dirt particles from getting into to the PVA material.
  • After cleaning, neatly fold the shamie and place back into the included twist-top container for storage.
Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 4 × 3.5 in
Towel Dimensions

26" x 17"






Champion Chamois






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